New Look and Regular Posts Coming Soon

I’ve been neglecting writing and other thing of late.  I’ve decided to make a fresh start, to share my knowledge on different subjects on my site going forward; soon.

Subjects that I’ll cover will be tech related mainly but will probably touch on remote working and some psychology that relates too.

Rogue Updates in Mac App Store – Solution

Mac App Store

After many weeks of wondering why 5 updates kept showing up in the Mac App Store on my Macbook Pro I found a solution by chance.

There were 5 updates showing for apps that I have previously installed but no had uninstalled.

If I tried to update the apps as the MAS was suggesting, the updates failed.  The updates would still remain.  I could find no trace of the apps on my Mac until this evening.

I turns out that the apps were there but only as a Time Machine backup.

I had a thought; I unmounted and formatted the external drive that my Macbook uses for TimeMachine backups.  As soon as I did this, the MAS refreshed and the apps were no more.  Strange issue, but it’s fixed.

10 Beautiful Professional OpenCart Themes

Out of the many shopping website scripts available (Magento, Shopify, osCommerce to name just a few), OpenCart is my favourite from both the admin side and customer point of view.

I thought I’d share 10 modern, professional looking OpenCart themes with you.



Responsive, built on the Skeleton Framework, is the first ever responsive theme for OpenCart 1.5. This unique theme allows visitors to shop your store tailored to the screen size they are viewing it on.

Responsive is not just another mobile theme, as the visitors resizes the browser the content dynamically moves for the best display experience.

Live Preview



  • Everything is setup from the admin.
  • All pages have been styled.
  • Minimal use of images for easy customization.
  • Couple of extra features. See demo for more information.
  • 2 Layered PNG file for the homepage and product page.
  • Well Documented. Theme installation is easy.

Live Preview



Shoppica is a stylish premium OpenCart theme. The clean and modern design allows you to use the theme for every kind of online shop. In combination with the powerful option to change all the element’s color, Shoppica theme give you the possibility to make a unique e-commerce website that stands out of the crowd!

Live Preview



Spicylicious is a very advanced OpenCart theme suitable for various kind or e-commerce web sites coming with totally reworked layout and huge amount of JS visual effects.

The theme is not only visually appealing, but also built with the modern e-commerce tendencies and best SEO practices in mind.

Whether you’re looking for a new skin for your existing OpenCart based store or a template to modify for your client, Spicylicious is the right choice.

Live Preview

Gecco Shop


Universal design – perfect for shops with luxury goods

Display any image, texture as headers’ background – CHECK SCREENSHOTS TO SEE OTHER BACKGROUNDS

Sell digital goods

Animated jQuery caption over the thumbnails

Cool animated preloader for product images

Live Preview



Basico Premium OpenCart Theme is a stylish premium OpenCart theme ideal for your online web store. Basico theme give you the possibility to make a unique e-commerce website (In combination with the powerful option to change all text color and background image).

Live Preview



Teez is a simple and easy to use OpenCart theme for a T-shirt or Apparel store.

Live Preview



Sellegance is a responsive, elegant and easy to install OpenCart theme.

With its clean design and lots of features, you will have a very profitable online shop in no time.

It’s perfect for any kind of web shop. Its superb UI delivers the ultimate experience for end users. It has been built with mobile users in mind. So it looks great on desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Live Preview



Uni-Store is a advanced theme for OpenCart 1.5.1. With the gradients, unlimited colors and GoogleWebFonts you can create your dream shop in few minutes.

In addition, we have created for you 6 basic color version that you can further edit.

Live Preview

Vanity Shop


Are you looking for little more creative, universal OpenCart theme? If yes then Vanity Shop theme will be perfect choice for you.

My partner actually uses this theme for her jewellery shop which can be found here: – this is a fully working shop so feel free to browse and see how it works in the real world.

If you have any suggestions of other great themes such as the above or use any of the themes on your OpenCart shop, leave a comment so I can check them out.

Featured Designer of Modern & Clean WordPress Themes

I’ve just been browsing as I sometimes do and came across a really awesome designer called Mike McAlister.

His WordPress themes are so clean, elegant, modern and functional that I just had to share some of them with the readers of my blog.

I hope you appreciate the designs as much as I do.  I’m seriously considering using one of his themes on one of my websites in the very near future.




  • Super Clean, Responsive Design
  • Fully Scalable Galleries
  • Swipe Support on Galleries
  • Fully Scalable Embedded Video
  • Twitter and Flickr Widgets
  • Drop Down Menu (on all sizes)
  • Custom Archive Page
  • Theme Options
  • Beautiful Typography
  • Shortcode Manager
  • Custom Styles
  • Social Media Icons
  • Contact Form

Live Preview



  • All-In-One Page
  • Super Clean Design
  • 3 Custom Backgrounds (Dark, Light, and Wood)
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Countdown Clock
  • Twitter Implementation
  • Blog/Comment Functionality
  • Menu Management
  • Theme Options
  • Post Scrolling Navigations
  • Twitter, Facebook and Google+ Share Buttons
  • Social Media Icons (Twitter, Dribbble, RSS , Vimeo, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, LinkedIn)
  • Contact Form

Live Preview



  • Minimal Design, Powerful Functionality
  • Four Portfolio Templates
  • Custom Templates for Homepage, Portfolio and Blog
  • Logo and Color Scheme Options
  • Layout and Style Shortcodes
  • WP 3 .0 Menus
  • Auto-Sized Featured Images
  • Contact Form
  • Installation Videos

Live Preview



  • Minimal Contemporary Design
  • WP3 Drop Down Menu
  • Unique Homepage Slider
  • Layout and Style Shortcodes
  • Twitter Widgets
  • Unique Blog Design
  • 6 Color Schemes (Green, Red, Orange, Blue, Gray, Purple)
  • Theme Options Panel
  • Contact 7 Support
  • Well Documented + Screencasts

Live Preview

If you have any other suggestions of great themes like these, please feel free to comment and share below.

Also, if you use any of these themes; I’d love to take a look at your websites.

Removing Linux Grub & Restoring Windows 7 Boot GUI

Recently I had been playing with Kubuntu on my Windows 7 machine.  Don’t get me wrong, Kubuntu and other Linux distributions are great.  I wanted to remove it because I wasn’t really using it anymore and I was getting sick of booting my machine and forgetting to change the GRUB option at start-up to boot into Windows 7.

I know that the GRUB can be edited so that Windows 7 would boot first but I no-longer had the need for Kubuntu so I wanted to remove it all together including the GRUB.

First of all I made a really dumb n00b error of booting into Windows 7 and deleting the partitions that Kubuntu occupied.  Of course, the GRUB remained and my computer wouldn’t even start.  To get back to being able to boot again, I inserted my Kubuntu DVD and re-installed so the GRUB would work again.

Now I thought, maybe EasyBCD would be able to remove the GRUB from within Windows 7 and then I could delete the Kubuntu partitions again.  Unfortunately EasyBCD could not do this.

My next plan was to boot from my Windows 7 DVD and use the option to fix start-up errors.  This was not a good plan either.  The GRUB remained but I now had a Windows Vista GUI start-up instead of the much more pretty Windows 7 one.

I decided to do some research before making anymore stupid mistakes – RTFM comes to mind.

So I discovered that the first step to remove the GRUB (and Kubuntu or other disto of Linux) is to boot from your Windows 7 DVD, select your language and then to choose the repair option.

At the repair option you should choose the command prompt and use the command: bootsect /nt60 C:

Now restart your computer and Windows 7 should boot without entering the GRUB because this has been removed from your machine.

If you have somehow got the old Windows Vista start-up GUI displaying on start-up, then you should wait for your computer to boot into Windows 7 and run the command prompt as an Administrator.  To get the Windows 7 GUI start-up back, use the following command: bootrec /fixmbr

Once you’re happy that your computer is booting without the GRUB and directly into Windows 7 you can remove all traces of the Linux distribution going into Disk Management (Windows Key + R and type diskmgmt.msc). Simply delete the partitions and then expand the rest of the drive containing data to fill the empty space.

The above is just a brief overview of what I did but if you have any questions or would like anything in more detail, please contact me or leave a comment.