I’m very very fortune!  I’ve been given a very shiny, beautiful & dare I say it; sexy MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2012).

Let me start by saying; I’m not an Apple fanboy in anyway shape or form!  I’ve used self built Windows desktops for a long time (and they’re great) and I love Android on phones and tablets.

Windows Features I Miss in OS X

There are some really great features with this machine, both hardware and software, but after being a Windows power user for so many years, I’ve found that there are some Windows (7/8) features I miss when using OS X.

Window snapping and previews

I’ve become so used to window snapping in Windows 7 and 8.  It just works really well, especially when using a large screen.  I really think this feature or similar should be standard in OS X.  Fortunately there’s an app that brings similar functionality to OS X called HyperDock.  Unfortunately this app costs quite a lot IMHO (£6.99).

Microsoft Office 2013

I know, I know, I know, Microsoft Office 2013 isn’t part of Windows 7 or 8 but it’s a great office suite that is Windows 7 / 8 only and I really miss it in OS X!

I have an Office 365 Home Premium subscription which is great.  I have Office 2013 on my main desktop PC and also have it installed on my kid’s laptops.

One of the first things I installed on my MacBook was MS Office and it’s awful!

First of all; it’s Office 2011 for Mac which wouldn’t be a problem for me if it was closer to Office 2010 or 2013 in appearance on a Windows computer.  I guess it can’t be because the OS looks and behaves differently.  The tabs and the menu bar etc confuse me though.  I just don’t like it!

I’ve since installed the iWork programs instead.  I’ve only really used Pages but I really like it.  It’s clean, simple and works really well.  Good-bye and good riddance Office for Mac!

£13.99 for Pages + £13.99 for Numbers + £13.99 for Keynote (£41.97 in total)  isn’t a bad price for what they are, but I do find it a little annoying that I pay for Office 365 Home Premium each month for my Windows computers.

Multi-monitor support

OS X does multi-monitors but it doesn’t play nicely with the full screen apps on virtual desktops.

If I swipe to a full screen app on one screen, it puts an unusable desktop on my other screen.  There may be an app or some tweaks to “fix” this but I’m an OS X n00b at the moment so I’ve yet to come across anything.

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The Interface

OS X is very beautiful and functional but I do feel the square “metro” look of Windows 8 (in desktop mode) is a more modern look.  I do hope that OS XI or whatever it will be called does away with the rounded corners and 3D metallic look.  I think it looks a little dated.

Also; what’s with the Contacts and Calendar apps looking all hideous in 10.8 Mountain Lion?

… and now all the goodness!

The Hardware

The MacBook Pro 13 Retina (Late 2012) is beautiful from every angle.

The retina screen is superb!  It puts my ASUS – PA246Q which I use on my main desktop PC to shame.  I’ve hooked up my ASUS PA246Q to my MacBook Pro and it’s not much good.  The colour reproduction (on the calibrated monitor) is not even close to that of the retina screen.

The keyboard is great to type on and the backlit keys are really nice.  I’ve actually purchased a Mac Keyboard for my main PC after using the MacBook Pro for a while.  It’s the best keyboard I’ve used in a very long time.

The trackpad is very good.  I’ll mention this more when I speak about OS X (software) though.

The battery life seems to be plenty good enough for my needs.  I tend to use the MacBook Pro for photo editing on location and can be out for a full day (only editing and uploading images some of this time for perhaps around 3/4 hours).

No CD/DVD/BluRay?  Not a problem.  In fact I’m glad that there isn’t one because I wouldn’t use it.  I can’t remember the last time I authored a DVD or BluRay.

The Software

I love the virtual desktops in OS X.  They work very very well with apps in full screen.  Using gestures on the trackpad makes moving between the virtual desktop’s a breeze.  I’d quite like such an elegant solution in Windows too please!

Spotlight in OS X works very very well.  I prefer it to the search in Windows 7 and 8.  I like the previews of the results.  -Space = awesomeness!

The many, many, many other gestures and keyboard shortcuts in OS X are great.  There are a lot to learn but I’m getting there.  Thankfully there’s an app to help called CheatSheet which can be downloaded for free from the app store.  Do it now!

OS X isn’t without it’s faults but I am finding myself using it over Windows 7 & 8 when given the choice.

I’ve had it suggested that I should install Windows using Bootcamp or in a virtual machine but that’s not going to happen.

Final Thoughts

A friend of mine told me on Facebook “[…]enjoy the mac. don’t get drawn into that silly debate about which is better; pc/mac – they’re both ace!” and it’s true.  Both are ace!

I see my PC more like a muscle car I guess.  Brute power with it’s overclocked CPU, RAM and GPU.  It’s fast because it’s very powerful.

My MacBook Pro on the other hand is more like Tesla Roadster.  It’s not over powered but it handles and looks great.  It efficient and modern.

So yes, get a Mac because they’re great or get a PC because they’re great too!

From a Windows PC to a OS X MacBook Pro

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