Hello world!

After many years of procrastinating, I’ve decided I need to do something with my website. It’s been sat here with a Under Contruction page for, well, I’m not even sure for how long.

I’ve just been looking back through previous iterations of this website starting from 2011 onwards using Wayback Machine. I’m quite impressed with what I used to do, and it’s made me feel a little sad.

LukeAddison.com Website in 2011
LukeAddison.com Website in 2011 Version 2
LukeAddison.com Website in 2015

Back in the day (as they say) I did a lot of photography and really enjoyed creating websites for myself and others. In retrospect, I think I lost interest in these things because they went from being hobbies to becoming work.

I think it’s about time I get back to exploring my previous hobbies and enjoying them again. This time though, it’s not going to turn into work.